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How to Create a Site Plan for a Grid-Tie Solar System

  1. Choose one of our complete grid tie systems. Call us at (877) 297-0014 if you need assistance. Select your complete SES system and modules here.
  2. Email or fax us your solar module placement drawing. Some examples are shown below. Do a simple hand sketch or drawing showing the dimensions of your available roof or ground spaces(s). Draw in each of the solar modules as rectangles in either portrait or landscape mode using the solar module dimensions provided in our grid tie systems page.
  3. Answer the following questions on the solar module placement drawing:
  1. Name and address of installation including Zip Code, contact phone and email address.
  2. Specify solar module model and inverter model.
  3. Distance in feet from the solar array to the inverter.
  4. Show location of inverter and solar AC disconnect.
  5. Distance in feet between inverter and solar AC disconnect.
  6. Distance in feet between utility panel and solar AC disconnect.
  7. Roof type and material or specify ground mount and show location of solar array to scale on property map with information above.

Example Drawings:

Solar System Roof Site Plan
Solar Electric System Roof Site Plan