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Commercial Solar Carports

Commercial Solar Carports

Carport Mounted Shade Structure Solar Systems for Commercial PV Applications

Commercial Solar Carport
Commercial Solar Carport

Base Price List & Information

System 50 KW 75 KW 100 KW 250 KW 500 KW 1,000 KW

Each system includes:

  • Name Brand Solar Panels
  • Grid-tie Inverter System
       SolarEdge, SMA Tripower or Fronius
  • Solar Panel Roof Mounting System
       Ironridge, Prosolar, SnapNRack or S-5!
  • Trina, Peimar or
    3,526 sq. ft.
    5,288 sq. ft.
    7,051 sq. ft.
    17,628 sq. ft.
    35,256 sq. ft.
    70,513 sq. ft.
    REC, Silfab,
    Canadian Solar
    3,274 sq. ft.
    4,911 sq. ft.
    6,548 sq. ft.
    16,369 sq. ft.
    32,738 sq. ft.
    65,476 sq. ft.
    LG, Hyundai,
    Mission Solar
    3,342 sq. ft.
    5,013 sq. ft.
    6,684 sq. ft.
    16,710 sq. ft.
    33,420 sq. ft.
    66,840 sq. ft.

    Carport Solar Systems for Business & Government

    Our Commercial Carport Mount Solar Systems come from trusted manufacturers like Schletter, Upsolar and Orion.

    Each commercial solar carport comes with on-site project management and installation service options to ensure quality customer satisfaction and customer focused solutions.

    Orion's Scalable Solar Carport Structure comes available in all sizes and includes car charging stations.

    Upsolar's Turnkey Solar Carport Solution offers factory installation and project management support.

    Schletter's Park@Sol Carport Solution is made in the USA and is both custom and pre-fabricated.

    Choosing the right carport system for your commercial solar project can be a challenging decision. We've included a few options and pricing examples above in order to make your navigation for the ideal solution easier. Feel free to call us toll-free to speak to a friendly, knowledgeable commercial solar carport representative.

    All systems can be customized!

    Different carport mount, PV module, inverter and voltage options are available, all at low wholesale prices.

    Other Services Available:

    • Solar System Installation and Project Management
    • Site-Specific Solar Feasibility Studies
    • In-depth System Performance and Financial Analysis Reports
    • Complete Commercial Solar System Design Assistance
    • Structural Engineering Analysis

    All solar carport systems include the following:

    • Underwriters Laboratory (UL) Listed Solar Panels
    • UL Listed Grid-Tie Solar Inverters from trusted, established manufacturers
    • Quality Engineered Carport PV Mounting System for your specific roof type
    • Balance of System Items: solar combiners, grounding, disconnects and related hardware
    • Single and Three-Line Schematics
    • Stamped Testing Reports for your specific solar mounting system

    Solar Electric Supply's experienced professional team can assist you every step of the way.

    Solar financing assistance, system return on investment reports, solar SREC (PBI) performance-based incentive investigation, installation referral and solar technical training, financial analysis (ROI) solar interconnection, net-metering application assistance and on-site project management.

    Contact Our Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff

    You can speak with an experienced, knowledgeable and friendly representative with a simple phone call. Contact us toll-free at (877) 297-0014 and someone will be happy to help you with all aspects of the design, system cost and rebate incentives for flat roof commercial building solar systems.

    Systems are available with grid-tie inverters by the following manufacturers:

    grid-tie inverters