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Schletter Carports

Park@Sol Commercial
Solar Electric Supply provides the Schletter Park@Sol solar carport system. Imagine, no on-site welding for solar carports that are architecturally pleasing to the eye. The Park@Sol system offers just that along with new manufacturing improvements we're excited to pass along. Schletter carries a variety of designs for Park@Sol solar carport systems such as double and single row parking, customized foundations and optional sub-decking for waterproofing and preventing icicle formation. Other optional accessories include advertising space, cable management, carport lighting, and drainage.

Ideal for areas where space is lacking for a ground or roof mount PV solar system, the Park@Sol Carport system creates a shaded parking spot while generating solar power. The Park@Sol offers another PV mounting option for residential buildings if roofing structure has greatly deteriorated or solar panel placement is not optimal. Perfect for use at a home without a garage, or when additional covered parking is needed. The Park@Sol's modular design allows for customizable layouts in singe or double row parking.

What to expect from the Park@Sol?

  • Competitively priced
  • Compatible with most module types, orientations and inclinations
  • Durable, corrosion-free aluminum construction
  • Compatible with a variety of foundation types including drilled micro-pile, ballasted and drilled shafts
  • Quick, easy to install while remaing cost competitive
  • Customized foundation options
  • Support from Schletter engineers and geotechnicians for every step of project planning
  • Complete structural analysis
  • Complete documentation and system drawings
  • Schletter 10 year durability warranty

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